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Innovative additives for easy-flow polyamides and short cycle times

With two newly developed processing aids, BrüggemannChemical is offering compounders cost-efficient possibilities to further enhance the processing properties of polyamides.


  • The new flow enhancer BRUGGOLEN® TP-P1507 significantly increases the flowability of reinforced polyamides while retaining a very good mechanical property profile. Especially at high fiber glass levels this allows highly improved processability along with very good tensile strength, stiffness and toughness.
  • The new nucleating agent BRUGGOLEN® TP-P1401 is non-volatile and stable at high processing temperatures. It enables shorter cycle times, thus increasing productivity and also optimizes dimensional stability and mechanical properties. Compared to conventional nucleating agents, the surface quality of reinforced polyamide materials is also visibly improved.

Both new additives are dust-free polymer granules that can be accurately metered. They disperse very easily in the polyamide matrix making them ideal for compounding. Materials produced with these processing aids can be injection-molded as normal. BRUGGOLEN® TP-P1401 can also be added directly into an injection molding machine.

The new BRUGGOLEN® TP-P1507 flow enhancer improves the flow properties of reinforced polyamides, especially with high filling levels (PA6-GF50; left: without additive, right: with 3 % TP-P1507)


Significantly easier flow while retaining mechanical properties
Due to their high stiffness and dimensional stability, highly filled polyamides are often suitable for the substitution of metals in technical parts. But, because of their limited flowability, they are often difficult to process by extrusion and injection molding. BRUGGOLEN® TP-P1507 improves the flow properties significantly, particularly with high glass fiber-filled grades. For example, the length of a flow spiral with a 50 % glass fiber-reinforced polyamide 6 can be increased by over a half with the aid of BRUGGOLEN® TP-P1507. The required high mechanical properties of the reinforced materials such as impact strength, elasticity modulus, tensile strength and elongation at break nevertheless remain virtually unchanged.

Thanks to this good processability, filled compounds produced with BRUGGOLEN® TP-P1507 allow the reliable filling of thin-wall areas and large complex parts. Alternatively the processing temperatures during injection molding can be reduced by up to 30 °C, thereby shortening the cooling times and lowering the energy demand. The easier flow makes it possible to reduce the injection molding pressure. This allows converters to produce parts more gently or on smaller machines.

Smoother surface, better mechanical properties, shorter cycle times
The nucleating agent BRUGGOLEN® TP-P1401, which is also suitable for elevated processing temperatures, ensures effective nucleation and very fast crystallization of polyamides. It supports the formation of a morphology with very small, homogeneously distributed spherulites. The higher crystallization temperatures allow earlier demolding and thus shorter cycle times. Consequently, with 1.5 % BRUGGOLEN® TP-P1401 in unfilled polyamide 6, for example, the cycle times can be reduced by up to 60 %. Furthermore, there are property improvements such as better dimensional stability, optimized mechanical properties and more attractive surfaces, even with high glass fiber contents. This aesthetic advantage facilitates the substitution of metals in visible areas.

More new products for polyamide compounders
In addition to processing aids, BrüggemannChemical has added further new developments for polyamide compounding to its portfolio. These include the heat stabilizer, BRUGGOLEN® TP-H1606, and BRUGGOLEN® TP-M1417 for the recycling of polyamide scrap to high-quality injection molding grade material.

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